Putting a content studio’s revamped brand identity to live in a new website


Tiny Studios



My role

UX/UI Design

In Collaboration with:


Brand revamp

Tiny Studio is a video production company located in London. With a team of creatives and freelancers, they continually push boundaries in storytelling and visual communication by producing cinematic social media content for brands in various sectors. Following a recent rebrand, which included refreshing their visual identity and brand narrative, the next step was to freshen up their website. Teaming up with Rick, a professional Webflow Developer, I helped Tiny translating their new branding into an eye-catching new website that tells their story.

Strategy first

Seeing Tiny's new brand identity, I immediately felt inspired to dive into visual exploration. However, I recognized the importance of first aligning on goals, content, and prioritizing and structuring information to establish a functional foundation before delving into color schemes and styling. Once we agreed on goals, target audience, and technical specifications, I began assembling the initial layouts. Co-creation played an important role in our process, facilitating fast agreement on the wireframes.

Making it visual

Once the wireframes were finalized, I developed several visual moodboards for style directions. Guiding the client through each design, I got insights on their emotional responses. With a clear understanding of which direction best resonated with the brand, I proceeded to design the remaining pages. Throughout the website, I infused style elements from the brand guide, including shapes and colors, to represent their vibrant and youthful identity. Guided by these brand elements, I crafted a design that not only aligns with their visual identity but also enhances the overall user experience.

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