Redefining digital presence for &samhoud: an inspirational website transformation





My role

UX/UI Design

In Collaboration with:

Studio Vi

A visionary digital experience

In my last few months working at &samhoud, I had the opportunity of redesigning their entire company website. &samhoud, known for their expertise in change management, strategy, and leadership, places a high value on inspiration. This became a key principle of the new design. As the company shifted its strategy and rebranded in 2023, a fresh digital presence was necessary. Together with a small team of &samhoud colleagues and Studio Vi as a development partner, I transformed their site into an engaging and inspirational platform.

From Research to pixel-perfect design

My role included the complete UX/UI design process, starting with research. I analyzed the target audience, created personas and user flows, and conducted a competitive analysis. This foundation allowed me to develop a sitemap and intuitive user journey. The design process included creating functional wireframes and exploring multiple visual concepts, which were tested with stakeholders. The feedback, combined with predefined design principles, guided the final design decisions. The new website features custom-designed blocks and pages, balancing functionality with inspiration, reflecting &samhoud's commitment to people and boutique-style quality.

Collaborative creativity

Managing stakeholders and collaborating with Studio Vi for development was a significant aspect of this project. Brainstorming with their creative team on interaction possibilities while maintaining design ownership was really fun. The final product is a website that showcases &samhoud's expertise in creating change. It shows their inspiring, human-oriented approach and reflects their company culture. The new site is functional but also surprises users with unique layouts and surprising interactions, and breathes the core values of &samhoud.

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