A seamless customer paint journey for Gamma stores




UX/UI design for a kiosk-screen application

My role

UX research, UX design, UI design

In Collaboration with:

A digital paint assistent

Gamma is on track to become the leading store for purchasing paint products Their innovative strategy involves a creating seamless customer-paint journey in their stores with digital touchpoints. They aimed to develop an application for one of their in-store kiosk screens to assist customers in choosing the right paint products independently. As part of the agency I worked for, we developed a service application for this kiosk screen, which served as a digital paint assistant. The team consisted of a product manager, product owner, developer, and myself as the UX/UI designer.  In this project, I had ownership of the entire design process, from initial user research to implementation, involving stakeholders along the way.

Design considerations

The application's style is inspired by the existing Gamma paint application and follows Gamma's branding. For the user experience of the application, we adopted a conversational approach where a paint specialist guides the customer through the steps. We included details that align with the conventions of digital decision aids, such as showing how many options are available throughout the journey. During this project, I learned a lot about applying UX in a service context and balancing user and business needs when making design decisions. I also enjoyed designing for a different device, which required considering the design based on the context it is placed in, such as ensuring buttons are easy to interact with when standing in front of the screen.

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