Getting startup Kinuva ready to enter the digital space




Brand identity guidelines, Platform design

My role

Brand design, UX/UI design

In Collaboration with:

Starting from scratch

Kinuva is an online platform that facilitates tailored online games. With a small team of entrepreneurs, they create custom experience games involving storytelling, quizzes, puzzles, and mystery. They started off their journey with a logo and a working MVP of their platform. To grow and enter the B2C market, they wished to further establish and professionalise their brand en platform design. They asked my help in thinking along in both their visual identity and user experience of their game platform.

Establishing the visual identity

The logo design is a combination of a word and text mark, both designed in a bold style but given a playful twist. Throughout the visual identity, the puzzle symbol is used as a visual element to incorporate playfulness. I created a compact guide for their brand involving their logo, typography, brand colors, directions on photography, and tone of voice.

Improving the game experience

Besides their branding, I delivered the UX and UI design for Kinuva’s online game platform, I took into consideration several crucial aspects to ensure a seamless and collaborative gaming experience. To facilitate remote collaboration, I visually represented team members' collaboration during gameplay. To ensure a seamless gameplay experience, the UX was designed to allow for easy navigation between steps. The platform was also whitelabeled, so it could be used for multiple games. Additionally, I incorporated a chat feature and a leaderboard to allow players to communicate and track scores. The game questions were visually categorized to help players understand what they were doing, and visual indicators such as progress bars were added to make players aware of the gameplay. Overall, my design process for this platform focused on delivering a fun, user-friendly, and collaborative experience for all players.

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